Horse Breeds

Riding Horse Breeds

How can you tell which horse breed is best for you? Maybe you’re a newbie seeking the best horse to learn to ride on. Perhaps you’re seeking a trail horse that will provide you a pleasant ride.

Which horse breeds are the greatest for riding? There are a variety of naturally gaited horses that will provide you with a comfortable ride and several beginner-friendly species. Kentucky Mountain Saddle & Missouri Fox Trotter These two breeds are inherently gaited. have mild dispositions, making them excellent alternatives for a smooth ride for beginners.

The good news is that any horse has the potential to be a reliable companion; nevertheless, specific breeds are noted for this trait. Continue reading to determine which species are excellent for a smooth ride and which types are best for novices.

In the United States, the American Quarter Horse is the most famous horse breed. Their mild and peaceful demeanor makes them an excellent choice for beginners. Quarter horses are a laid-back breed with a desire to please. Quarter horses are adaptable and athletic and suitable for various disciplines, including English and Western.


The Morgan horse is another famous starter horse. Morgans, another adaptable breed, are recognized for their gentleness and eagerness to please. They are gregarious and attentive, and they often forgive inexperienced riders. They’re also noted for being easy to train and responding fast to more experienced riders’ directions. Even though Morgan is not known for being a gaited breed, it is estimated that roughly 20% of Morgan horses are naturally gaited.

Missouri Fox Trotter

Fox Trotters in Missouri are frequently peaceful, friendly, and relaxed. Along with their naturally smooth stride, these personality characteristics make them a good choice for a starting rider.

Entucky Mountain Saddle Horse

The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse is also known for its gentle personality and natural stride.

Smooth Ride Horse Breeds

The list below includes smooth-riding horse breeds that are all naturally gaited. This implies the horse will always have at least one foot on the ground. Investing in a gaited horse can assure a comfortable ride for riders who have experienced discomfort or injury or riders who want to conduct long endurance rides.

The Paso Fino is renowned for having one of the smoothest gaits in the horse world. It’s graceful and athletic, as well as sure-footed and fluid. In Spanish, “Paso Fino” literally means “gentle passage.” These horses are usually miniature, with the majority being ponied under 14.2 hh.

Another lovely, smooth horse to ride is the Tennessee Walking Horse, famed for its four-beat galloping walk. This horse is famous among those looking for a smooth-riding horse because of its pleasant demeanor. Farmers bred the Tennessee Walking Horse because they wanted a horse ridden for long periods without feeling tired and achy in the saddle.

You don’t want a horse that is high-strung or easily spooked as a beginning. You want a horse that is self-assured, calm, and relaxed. It’s natural to tense up in the saddle when faced with uncertainties or unexpected situations until you’ve gained more experience. As you gain riding experience, you gain confidence. As a result, looking for a horse who is forgiving, gentle, and quiet is critical. Your horse can sense even the tiniest movements in your muscles, and he can often feel you tense up before you realize you are scared. You’ll need a horse who will be patient with you when you’re unsure and gracious when you give inconsistent cues.


While these breed suggestions are broad, it’s always best to look at each horse individually. You might come across a passionate, obstinate Morgan or a lovely, laid-back off-the-track Thoroughbred.