Never Do These Things to a Horse

Never Do These Things to a Horse

Whatever books, films, or websites may claim, horse training is not a simple or quick procedure. It’s also not mysterious, and you can learn with your horse, and it’s best to do so with the help of a qualified trainer or coach. There are several methods for caring for, handling, and training a horse, but there are a few basic things you should never do to a horse.

Tether Them and Tell Them to “Think”

Allowing a horse to “think” about things demonstrates a lack of knowledge of how horses learn. Horses are completely absorbed in the present moment, and they have no idea that your dissatisfaction with them stems from an event that occurred an hour or even 10 minutes ago. They are unable to reason in this manner. Tying a horse to a wall in the scorching heat or the cold, preventing it from moving or seeing anything else, or tying its head high or low is unlikely to result in anything other than an unhappy animal.

Refrain from eating or drinking

Unfortunately, some trainers believe it is permissible to “punish” a horse by withholding food or drink. They think that it would have less energy to oppose them and will become more obedient by not feeding it. This may appear to be a quick way to get an obedient horse, and however, it is incompatible with proper horse care and a terrible form of “training.”

Lead Rope or Jerk the Reins

It was jerking or flailing the reins or lead rope to punish any inappropriate conduct. Any action that causes your horse to elevate its head and avoid contact with the bit or even the halter is not learning; it simply responds to escape the pressure.

The horse bolts.

A well-timed verbal reprimand might help your horse stop behaving badly, and it might also be the case that it does not. On the other hand, a screaming fit will very likely confuse and maybe terrify it. Raising your voice is one thing, but throwing a verbal temper tantrum that makes you seem silly in front of any human witnesses isn’t going to assist your horse-human connection.

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